Market-based investment strategies to help solve some of the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges.  

Climate and Forest Capital, LLC (“CFC”) is a mission-driven investment and advisory firm focused on developing and managing market based solutions that deliver both impact outcomes and financial returns.  With a specific focus on climate change, infrastructure, and land use, CFC seeks to leverage public, private, and philanthropic capital to accelerate long-term systemic change.   

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Areas of Expertise

Environmental Markets

Investing in markets that value ecosystem services.

Climate Finance

Developing investment strategies to address climate mitigation and adaptation.

Green Infrastructure

Financing nature-based infrastructure to increase resilience in cities and communities.

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Blended Value: Opportunity for Impact

CFC aims to leverage its expertise and investment strategy to correct some of the most urgent and significant environmental issues and realize the full value of healthy ecosystems.

Forests | 1/3 of fossil fuel emissions each year are absorbed by forests.[1]                 

Forests | 15-20% of annual global GHG emissions are due to deforestation.                                                                                                                                           UN SDGs supported by CFC's work:

Traditional infrastructure | D+ is the grade that the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the conditions of U.S. traditional “gray” infrastructure.[2] 

Stormwater pollution | 3 billion gallons of stormwater runoff and sewage flow into Washington, D.C.’s rivers each year.[3]

Land Use | 288 million megatons is the amount of carbon that US soils have the potential to sequester each year.[4]

Agriculture | 2-5% of croplands in the U.S. receive funds to implement soil health practices.